WAR: The most Nobel aphrodisiac

Author: Achsel Ford, af:ordweb

#1: HEINZ ALFRED KISSINGER, world record holder
  • Vietnam:     1.5 – 3.8 million   dead
  • Laos:                        1 million   dead
  • Cambodia:       6 – 800 000   dead
  • East Timor:             100 000   dead   (1/4 of total population)
  • Chile:   1 elected president   killed   and replaced by 1 CIA supported dictator
  • Norway:                                Nobel Peace Prize   awarded

Say hello to Uncle Henry, Cambodia




Vietnam defoliated by Agent Orange

Henry Kissinger. Main culprit in war crimes and crimes against humanity, causing a minimum of 3.5 million dead. And only one Nobel Peace Prize. This looks horribly out of proportions.

However, Henry Kissinger was so busy bombing and couping back in ’73 when he was awarded the prize, he didn’t really find the time even to get his ass over here and collect the one he got. Fortunately, Kissinger may get a second shot on December 11. 2016, as he’ll bless with his presence a debate forum in Oslo, arranged by the Norwegian Nobel Committee and UiO : University of Oslo, discussing global implications of the recent US presidential election.

AF:ordweb notes that the current Nobel Committee members still employ their famous excellent eyesight, carrying no visible signs of impairment, 43 years after Henry Kissinger was awarded his well deserved prize.

Thus, should a generous 10 000 protesters or more accidentially fill the streets of Oslo on that December day to bother Mr. Kissinger and his Norwegian court, maybe even throw a few bricks and put him on a plane back to Kentucky, USA, this should be viewed entirely as a Norwegian confirmation of Kissinger’s famous quote: “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”.

Wish them break a leg before they return home to their partners, and give them a peace prize for good measure.

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