Pentagon: -The American Empire is collapsing

Pentagon: -The American Empire is collapsing By Pål Steigan,   A future USA scenario painted in a new Pentagon report is one of gloomful colors. The Department of Defence is aware that the U.S. world hegemony is collapsing, and their solution to saving their sinking ship is more money to the military-industrial complex.  …Read more Pentagon: -The American Empire is collapsing

Le Mythe de Sisyphe (1942)

Introduction AFORDWEB is a subdivision of THE FORD-SISYPHUS ANTI GRAVITY INSTITUTE, a conceptual and highly fictional entity reflecting the philosophical and ideological basis for all or most thoughts and words uttered by Achsel Ford. And when this isn't always true, it's due to some kind of error, because it really should be. The institute's name…Read more Le Mythe de Sisyphe (1942)