Le Mythe de Sisyphe (1942)

Introduction AFORDWEB is a subdivision of THE FORD-SISYPHUS ANTI GRAVITY INSTITUTE, a conceptual and highly fictional entity reflecting the philosophical and ideological basis for all or most thoughts and words uttered by Achsel Ford. And when this isn't always true, it's due to some kind of error, because it really should be. The institute's name…Read more Le Mythe de Sisyphe (1942)

The Krikken Rig

THE KRIKKEN RIG   Krikken Coastal Fortress Full Moon Cave Concerts - July 2019 20 YEARS ANNIVERSARY ☆ 1999 – 2019 All photos © 2019 Achsel Ford


WATERFRONTS Note: Contradictive to what’s said in the general info on the hipshots galleries, about the dogme-ish, pure out-of-the-cam philosophy that’s always been practiced here, some of the images in this gallery, in addition to having been cropped for better composition, has also been slightly optimized/ edited using the cam app’s built-in image editor. All…Read more Waterfronts


FRITT LIV MEININGSVERKET.NO Noregs Meiningsverks måling av det faktiske fridomsgrunnlaget hos folkesetnaden pr. 2019 (NMV målaravlesing nr. 19.001) * Undersøkinga vert gjord i frivillig samarbeid med Kommentariatets Diktatur, og tek under eitt minutt å svara på. FRITT LIV – DELTA I UNDERSØKINGA NO   Noregs Meiningsverk  

America drinks and goes home

America Drinks And Goes Home Orquesta Venezolana de Música Actual plays Frank Zappa Den uforlignelige Frank Zappas America Drinks And Goes Home, opprinnelig fra albumet Absolutely Free (1966), da med vokal og Zappas originaltekst, siden innspilt i et utall versjoner, ofte rene instrumentaler. En personlig favoritt er med Zappas gamle makker, fiolinisten Jean-Luc Ponty, fra…Read more America drinks and goes home