What ISIS Really Wants

What ISIS Really Wants Author: Pål Steigan, steigan.no 129 people were killed in a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015. The targets were carefully chosen to frame common people, youth amusing themselves, concert and football audiences, cafe guests. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the mass murders, and what is published…Read more What ISIS Really Wants

What happened to the White Helmets?

What happened to the White Helmets? Author: Pål Steigan, steigan.no East Aleppo fell, and jihadists have been evacuated to Idlib by the Syrian government. The civilians have been rescued from the living hell in which the terrorists had them captured. But what happened to the White Helmets? Not too long ago, they were nominees for the…Read more What happened to the White Helmets?

The year globalism burst

The year globalism burst Author: Pål Steigan, steigan.no Historical turning points are often difficult to perceive when they actually happen. Usually we’re able to see them more clearly in retrospect. Nonetheless, I dare argue that 2016 was the year globalism burst. Until now, supporters and opponents alike have viewed the globalist project as something which…Read more The year globalism burst

Washingtons verdensomspennende økonomiske kriger

Washingtons verdensomspennende økonomiske kriger Author: James Petras, petras.lahaine.org Introduksjon: De to siste tiårene har Washington på en aggressiv måte gått til militær eller økonomisk krig mot i hvert fall ni land. Enten direkte, eller gjennom sin militære bistand til lokale allierte og stedfortredere. Amerikanske luft- og bakkestyrker har bombet eller invadert Afghanistan, Irak, Pakistan, Libya,…Read more Washingtons verdensomspennende økonomiske kriger