The Krikken Rig

THE KRIKKEN RIG   Krikken Coastal Fortress Full Moon Cave Concerts - July 2019 20 YEARS ANNIVERSARY ☆ 1999 – 2019 All photos © 2019 Achsel Ford


WATERFRONTS Note: Contradictive to what’s said in the general info on the hipshots galleries, about the dogme-ish, pure out-of-the-cam philosophy that’s always been practiced here, some of the images in this gallery, in addition to having been cropped for better composition, has also been slightly optimized/ edited using the cam app’s built-in image editor. All…Read more Waterfronts


FRITT LIV MEININGSVERKET.NO Noregs Meiningsverks måling av det faktiske fridomsgrunnlaget hos folkesetnaden pr. 2019 (NMV målaravlesing nr. 19.001) * Undersøkinga vert gjord i frivillig samarbeid med Kommentariatets Diktatur, og tek under eitt minutt å svara på. FRITT LIV – DELTA I UNDERSØKINGA NO   Noregs Meiningsverk