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  • Supporting the questioning and subversion of the omnipotent state and every other formal authority, as well as the growth- and interest-based financial system, capitalism and corporate power, in favor of individual freedom, personal and mutual responsibility, co-operative volunteerism – and keeping most things small
  • From the ideological viewpoint of an aristocrat by birth – anarchist by choice, promoting a strictly evolutionary, yet spiritual and holistic concept of reality
  • Where all current human drives and emotions are viewed as once advantageous characteristics inherited from our evolutionary past, but of which several, unfortunately, now lead to escalating crises and lack of sustainability in vital areas like climate, eco systems, population growth and wars over scarce resources
  • A Fordable Web, spun from certain aspects of technology and poetry; two favorite manifestations of The Supreme Energetic Will at all reality’s core, which we always gratefully enjoy and celebrate. A subdivision of THE FORD-SISYPHUS ANTI GRAVITY INSTITUTE, and home of the blog page REPORTS FROM RECKLESS BEACH. Please read the comment contract page before posting on the blog.

Current background picture: MOT SLIPSTEINSVALS I AUGUST © 2018 Mobile Hipshots AF

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