He’s always Sisyphus, and so are you

sisyphus peanut brain and bitter fruit

Peanut brain and bitter fruits? Not at all. Sisyphus knows how happiness arises from expectations based on experience. And purpose from action, rather than the other way around.

See Sisyphus climb one of the steep hillsides of life’s mountain. Hill hill hill!

See the big rock that Sisyphus struggles to bring all the way up to the top and rest stable there. Rock rock rock!

See how the rock always slips out of weary Sisyphus’ hands and rolls back down to the foot of the mountain. Roll roll roll!

See how Sisyphus just dusts himself off and never stops to make new attempts at what’s arguably not meant to be. Try try try!

See Sisyphus serenely acknowledge man’s futile endeavors as being the ultimate terms and conditions of his existence. Toil toil toil!

See Sisyphus even take pleasure in his strivings, and that the rock is in fact getting increasingly smoother from countless attempts. Smile smile smile!


The Myth of Sisyphus


-You’re actually Sisyphus too, Sir? Excellent, please be! You’re just the sort of person we need. Not for the movement, as in “the working masses”, mind you. We assume that the “working masses” and yourself Sir, just like our always preferable so-called gentleman’s gentleman; the inimitable Jeeves, have barely a nodding acquaintanceship. When the working masses actually work, it is of course quite frequently what you could call Sisyphus’ work, in terms of its repetetiveness and lack of a real purpose. It is, however, rarely characterized by the type of persistent, real labour that’s also a typical feature of Sisyphus’ stubborn work, and we’re absolutely not implying that you do not qualify as “working”. You definately do. It’s more that you’re probably not qualified as “mass”, or belonging to any such.

We won’t go any deeper into the subject of the almost working masses and the differences between those and the labouring, free spirit for now, other than the dry conclusion that the masses too, will have to liberate themselves from within, no matter how defensive and impotent this incorrectly may sound,  because neither Karl Marx nor Ayn Rand will come running to rescue anyone from unjustice or slavery. We’re just saying.

And this is your significant advantage as a role model and autonomous candidate for happiness, Sir Sisyphus – Phuz among friends and admireres: You let no master decide if you’re free or have a free will, but rather constitutes your freedom of will and will to freedom in every striving second of your self-imposted labour in good spirit for an impossible cause – this deliberately so against better knowledge, and sincerely taking pleasure in the absurd. Phuz; our man! We salute your deep wisdom and the formidable strength and stamina which emanates thereof!

French existentialist philosopher Albert Camus wrote an essay in 1942, called Le Mythe de Sisyphe (The Myth of Sisyphus). This is where Camus introduces the innovative and truly liberating view, that our poor protagonist from the old, greek tragic myth, is in reality a man that has found peace of mind and an important key to understanding life’s struggle in a way that actually allows for happiness and usefulness, while not at all promising the end of absurd repetitions and fruitless attempts. As it turns out, Sisyphus is hardly a tragic figure after all.

Not long ago, afordweb.com re-published Camus’ classic essay with a short intro. Please take the time to read it, as it is very much the core and basis for our own view on life and the conditions of mankind in its physical manifestation, and thus for anything we occasionally may think and write about Phuz.

Our fascination and fondness for this essay is also, along with the original greek myth, the basis and triggering factor behind the FORD-SISYPHUS ANTI GRAVITY INSTITUTE.

Benefits of Sisyphian pragmatism in an uphill world

The FORD-SISYPHUS ANTI GRAVITY INSTITUTE is a conceptual and highly fictional entity, existing partly as an occasionally name-dropped internet phenomenon, partly as a symbolic metaphor for the unattainable final state of existence which we so much would like to see Phuz live and labour long enough to achieve, but which can never be.

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